Reliability, performance and support

Nexans offers a wide range of cables, cabling systems and services as an opportunity for performance enhancement. 

Underground coal cutter cables offer fire-resistance, durability and tensile strength, while loader/scooper cables allow electric trucks to travel long distances in galleries when conveyers are unavailable. Shaft and gallery cables are designed for easy installation and superior fire-performance to protect personnel and equipment. Drilling and tunneling cables give boring machines greater autonomy. Open cast cables absorb impact from trucks and machinery to guarantee nonstop power supply and reliable control for conveyers, excavators, pontoon-mounted dredgers, electric shovels and draglines. 

For both kinds of mining, optical fiber/copper can be integrated for remote control, surveillance and monitoring, often using an active switch system to provide Power over Ethernet (PoE) to vital equipment. Nexans has also developed submersible cables to handle groundwater drainage, and fluorescent/reflective cables to guarantee the nighttime visibility of exposed cable. Mining-related services include testing, onsite repair, training for personnel, and programs to support environmental and social values.

Since easy-to-reach deposits are being depleted worldwide, exploration has moved farther afield to remote locations, often with desert or freezing conditions. Nexans high-performance cables are designed for challenging environments, and we can also advise about infrastructures beyond “pure mining applications” which are increasingly the responsibility of mining companies: like private communications and data networks; selfcontained electrical power distribution; short-link rail infrastructure; and material handling facilities for loading centers and ports